Why employee health and safety needs to be prioritized

If you are managing an organisation, you need to think of your staff's safety.

If you are a company owner, health and safety at work should be your main priority. Organisations such as Bouygues UK, which operates in the construction industry, are committed to ensuring that employees always feel protected and can work without fear of injury. Incorporating the right health and safety practices will benefit your business in numerous ways. Efficient health and safety procedures will improve your company’s reputation with your clients and employees. Furthermore, the safety policies you incorporate will allow you to decrease employees' absence and maximise everyone's efficiency.

As a way to ensure a safe working environment, you need to train your employees on how to perform safely. The school supplies manufacturer ACCO Brands has developed its own corporate health and safety policy named "See Something, Say Something". Through role playing and group discussions, the initiative aims to educate employees on the negative consequences of not bringing work hazards to the attention of supervisors. It is crucial for the whole team to engage in such activities in order to make sure that employees posses the essential abilities and understanding to react in dangerous scenarios.

Companies operating within high-risk environments are not the only ones that need to implement health and safety policies in the workplace. Office-based organisations are also expected to set in place certain safety policies. Working with computers, for instance, can present various risks to the employees. Therefore, people should be aware of how to adapt the equipment in order to work comfortably and avoid potential injuries. Every business has to hire a Health and Safety Executive who would be responsible for implementing the display screen equipment (DSE) at work regulations. Apart from taking breaks from any type of screen work, employees also need to get regular eye tests and be provided with the most important training materials and information. More DSE guidelines must be offered to individuals who are pregnant or suffer from certain medical conditions, such as epilepsy.

In order to come up with an effective health and safety plan, it is essential to perform precise risk assessment of the working environment. As an employer, it is you who needs to make sure that people’s health and wellbeing is not jeopardized at work. The petrochemical enterprise Sibur, for instance, uses an actively evolving system of workplace injury work evaluation. Through such programs, the firm can reduce the accidental injuries of both the Holding’s and the contractors’ workers. Additionally, the company has also introduced a corporate health and safety management system. Its purpose is to prevent production risks that could affect the employees’ health and safety or the quality of the machines.

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